A glimpse into the second golden age of advertising

Posted: 9 August 2013

We came across this highly enlightening article from the Financial Times - A glimpse into the second golden age of advertising* - focusing on the development of advertising, the digital era and creativity.

The writer Jerry Della Femina writes:

July 30, 2013 5:51 pm

We may soon be watching the moment efficiency became hip. But if advertising is to thrive in this wired era, the efficiency of digitally targeted media must embrace the creativity of Mad Men, and vice versa.

Can digitally targeted advertising also be creative?

Even creative adverts have to be efficiently produced and delivered so they meet the basic goal of selling products by advancing the brand image.

Creative teams and assets need efficient management. Teams need to work together in real time so that additional resources are freed to enable the companies to innovate and grow.

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