Adgistics Bowling Bonanza

Posted: 24 October 2012

Bowling at it's finest...

For the past few months, it has been a hectic but rewarding environment at Adgistics. In recognition of this, 10-pin bowling was arranged. The office was buzzing about talks of how the teams will be created, banter of who will outplay who. But the most recurring topical question of the week was: "You looking forward to bowling". Short answer, yes.

It was a fun filled extravaganza and everyone showed off their hand-eye co-ordination skills, well some of them. The strikes kept on coming and you could say it was partly down to the jumbo 26" pizzas that were thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. Below are a few photos from the evening. We hope you enjoy them.

Adgistics Bowling Bonanza - 3

Adgistics Bowling Bonanza – 4

Adgistics Bowling Bonanza – 6

Photos by Jayvik Patel