Artwork Automation technology accredit brands to simplify and streamline their creative processes

Posted: 21 November 2013
A common question for brands is how can we automate our artwork more easily? What kind of Artwork Automation technology is available and capable of doing such intricate artwork processes…and more importantly accomplished enough to produce high quality.

Trusting an automated system to develop the artwork for your brand is a huge step, where intricate detail and intuition often play a key part. How can an automated system handle this?

A common creative procedure for a brand is to utilise in-house artwork departments or external agency partners or a hybrid mixture of both. Creative teams are fed strategy information in order to create the appropriate artwork; however the system that is used to manage and police brand documents and data, is often disconnected from the artwork process itself.

A misguided assumption is that Artwork Automation technology is not intuitive and flexible enough. It doesn’t take into account everyday challenges that the marketing team face like not enough space for the copy or size reductions of text.


Artwork Automation technology has made leaps and bounds to meet the increased demand of instant artwork creation and is a successfully applied solution for several global brands.

By utilising Artwork Automation technology brands can quickly and easily modify text and swap images in/out yet always ensure that they are on-brand, on message and correctly representing legalities. Human error is taken out of the equation. Processing times are minimised from days to just seconds, significantly reducing costs and time to market.


The Artwork Automation technology offered within our Brand Centre® solution is a fully bespoke process, tailored for each brand needs and requirements.

Marketing, branding and creative departments are utilising this Artwork Automation technology to deliver highly accurate campaigns instantly and add value down the line. Accurate artwork is delivered every time, reducing the risk of costly recalls.


A dynamic Brand Asset Management software solution can provide the ability to convert approved content into complex artwork. That is how a Brand Centre can function for your brand. Create print-ready artwork in seconds and reduce costs and time to market.