Digital Asset Management case study: How does Network Rail create effective and on-brand communication material in minutes

Posted: 3 June 2014
How does an organisation that manages 18 of the biggest and busiest railway stations in the UK, ensure enhanced brand efficiency and transparency?

In a fast paced industry where over 1.5 billion journeys are made by rail passengers travelling over 36 billion miles, Network Rail had to work efficiently and accurately to portray their brand across numerous consumers’ touch points. Their consumer brand strategy outlined a requirement for a functional Digital Asset Management system to handle the dissemination of their new brand identity guidelines and tone of voice.

Our Network Rail Digital Asset Management case study details how they enforce brand consistency for 1 billion passengers in the UK.To distribute and ensure a successive uptake of their brand identity across 18 owned railway stations, Network Rail enlisted the help of Adgistics to generate a one-stop brand portal enabling brand communications to be presented in a consistent, well-conceived manner.

The secure web-based Digital Asset Management system allows station managers to adapt and produce customised station posters and numerous brand materials from directly within the Brand Centre® solution.

It enabled them to successfully reinforce the trust in their consumer relations and offer an enhanced communication platform at an operational level. The DAM system improved brand consistency for Network Rail as authorised users were able to completely tailor the content and how the brand site looked with intuitive CMS tools.

Download our digital asset management case study further outlining the details as to how Network Rail maintains its high level, consistent marketing collateral.