Practical suggestions to launching an adaptive and engaging Brand Asset Management system

Posted: 7 November 2013
Once you have formulated a re-branding project or a re-fresh of your brand identity for several months and worked alongside a partner for an adaptive and engaging Brand Asset Management system, how do you get it off the ground successfully?

Reaching agreements on functionality, modules and workflow was a tough process. And after going through rigorous UAT/PEN testing, the time finally arrives to launch and await users to adopt the system in their daily routine and workflows.

Below we've complied some practical suggestions for launching a
Brand Asset Management system:

online_surveyConduct a survey or questionnaire within your organisation to gauge the level of brand awareness internally. Speak to team one-to-one or conduct an online short survey outlining two key questions: 'Are you proud to work here?' and then ask 'Why?' This will help you identify the real brand story and bring it to life within your Brand Asset Management system. This will ensure that there is a strong foundation for the brand throughout the whole organisation.

brand_ownershipStart with a soft launch period within a few departments or locations, before pushing the big button and deploying the system fully throughout the organisation and to all partners. Your employees will take ownership of the new system, which will help to elevate the brand. In order to prevent a dilution of the brand, enable key teams and employees to gain confidence with the system first and then cast the net wider.

internal_brand_netTake advantage of your internal communications channels, whether it is MangoApps, Salesforce’s Chatter or Yammer. Ensure that the BAM system you choose is functional and dynamic enough to integrate with 3rd party applications that allow brand assets to be shared in a secure social environment. This empowers employees to share details of brand asset internally, to drive and engage in conversation around those assets.

planning_1Fail to plan…plan to fail. Apply this mentality to fully plan the launch of your Brad Asset Management system. Establish key dates when users will be re-directed from the previous system, migrated over or if they have to re-register. Co-ordinate with your agencies to ensure they have correct details and permissions. Generate a promotional plan internally to encourage users to engage with the system. Set-up detailed training sessions within the whole organisation to safeguard user adaptation.

We hope that these practical tips provide some insight into how to ensure a smooth Brand Asset Management system launch. We have delivered Brand Centre solutions for world-class brands and work closely alongside them to ensure a measureable ROI and increase the value of their brand.

Image credit (c) Jozef Krajčovič