Marketing Asset Management will help you to master brand consistency and much more…

Posted: 10 September 2013
In today’s marketing landscape is highly complex and to master brand consistency of all global communications channels, both online and offline, can be highly demanding.

We are sure you have come across a situation when a global brand translates a marketing campaign into another language and it gets seriously lost in translation.

blog_nokia_lumia_900_pic-marketing-asset-managementTake for example the Nokia Lumia brand name. It may not sell well in Spain as in some dialects the brand name ‘Lumia’ translates into ‘prostitute’, which is strongly unfortunate.

While the brand term and for many others may not be widely used, with the inquisitive nature of social media, brands can get dragged from obscurity and into the public eye.

With the rapid growth of social media platforms and consumers ‘always being connected’ the tone, formats and pace that brands must communicate has changed drastically.

With full reusability and sharing of branded assets brands can reduce creation, adaption and production costs. When scoping for a Marketing Asset Management solution (MAM), ensure that it can master these 3 categories:

1. Manage & Create

Your brand grows stronger when it is consistently perceived in the correct and intended manner.

The creative output is however mostly managed by brand managers, marketing communication specialists and the overall brand team (or as it is known at Adgistics, the ‘Brand Police’).

blog_output_pic-marketing-asset-managementImagine if you could empower the whole business to easily deliver consistent on-brand campaigns and all within a user-friendly tool that enables and supports the production of creative output.

Imagine the time and costs saved with a business wide Marketing Asset Management solution as well as the impact that it can have on your brand equity both internally and externally.

2. Deliver & Automate

blog_delivery_pic-marketing-asset-management With Marketers having to deliver and automate content for a vast array of online and offline communication channels, they require a system that can handle both print & digital output and fulfilment.

The brand team can control the use of global assets from a centralised Marketing Asset Management solution and deliver brand consistency across multilingual campaigns whilst continuing to reflect the core values of your brand.

3. Share & Collaborate

blog_sharing_pic-marketing-asset-managementHaving a centralised cloud based solution for your global brand assets is one thing, but there comes a requirement to share the files internally and externally. It allows you to assess how the brand is perceived both internally and externally.

Furthermore, it helps inspire your users and consumers with the core brand message. Create buzzing and engaging communities around your brand assets within a user-friendly cloud based solution.


These alternate experiences need to be on-brand, consistent, with the correct tone of voice and fully aligned with the brand identity across all channels and all global markets. A user can now experience the brand from various different formats within the span of seconds.

To enhance global brand consistency, ensure that your Marketing Asset Management solution can master these 3 categories.

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