Innovators of Brand Asset Management solutions and services redefine their online presence

Posted: 5 March 2013
Adgistics Ltd. has an unparalleled track record in delivering robust, intelligent Brand Asset Management solutions at an international, regional and local scale.

Adgistics is proud to announce a website, which will help visitors’ better understand how brands can make their assets work more intelligently, and bring a greater return on the investment they represent.

As managers of the most public face of a brand, marketing departments need to show how they add value rather than simply create costs. A solution that helps to manage a brand at all levels, from origination, through execution and production to implementation and measurement, is a clear recipe for improved efficient and greater effectiveness.

With a steady rise in the volume of assets being originated, distributed and shared, an intuitive but powerful solution that can help Brand Managers control, manage, enrich, and report in real time is a simple necessity.

The Brand Centre®, Adgistics’ core product, is available anywhere at any time. Unique in design, intelligence and flexibility, it performs the invaluable function of uniting large volumes of brand assets across all business categories with the rules for their accurate and compliant use. Adgistics has a successful track record, unrivalled in the field, of significantly improving the effectiveness of brand asset management.

To meet the specific and distinctive needs of individual brands, the Brand Centre can be enhanced with modules from three categories: Manage & Create, Deliver & Automate and Share & Collaborate. These modules add further intelligence to brand assets through easy-to-use interactive guides, artwork automation, best practice guidelines, social media sentiment analysis, creative review and much more.

“Brand Centres are the digital embodiment of the brands they represent, protecting brand equity and creating a culture of best practice to educate and enhance the experience of everyone who comes into contact with your brand,” comments Joe Jarrett, Adgistics CEO. “Our new website is the key to communicating this capability, and we’ll go on using it to enhance and refine our message as we continue with the steady growth of our business.”