Brand Identity test! Can the design of a button deliver a powerful message about a brands identity?

Posted: 11 June 2013
This brand identity test shows how even the smallest elements on a website can help enforce and deliver a powerful brand presence.

The logo and button layout styles are one of the most engaging visual elements of a brand. A well-designed, unique website can be the key in increasing adoption rates and maintaining brand consistency across numerous territories.

When executed well, the combination of button size, style and colour can help embed a brand further into a consumer's mind.

Try and identify some of the brands we work with, just from their button design.

Good luck!

Can the design of a button deliver a powerful message about a brands identity?Building instantly recognisable brand elements is key when maintaining and developing a brand. Design should be at the core of a website.

Find out how you did...


1. adidas               2. Vodafone                   3. Pentland

4. Swisscom           5. Allegiance Health       6. eBay

7. Finlandia           8. Ford                           9. STC

10. Salomon          11. Network Rail            12. Boxfresh

13. Berghuas         14. Lacoste                    15. Speedo

16. Kubota            17. Westpac                   18. Jack Daniel's