What is a Brand Centre?

Posted: 3 September 2013
The goal for most businesses is to leverage their brand and create synergy among divisions, locations and team members in order to further boost brand equity and increase ROI on marketing activities.

Our Brand Asset Management system – the Brand Centre® is a highly effective way in reaching these goals.

Brand Function has emerged as the most important focus point for marketing teams1. With several markets being so highly competitive, brand differentiation and consistency is vital in order to thrive and drive market share.

The focus is to ensure maximum exposure and awareness of the brand. The most prominent brands are instantly recoginsed by their logo, typography, colours, and strapline. However brand assets can achieve so much more if managed in a Brand Centre solution, which will add intelligence to all assets.

Businesses constantly face the challenge of ensuring consistent and correct on-brand representation, so providing a user-friendly and easily accessible Brand Centre to manage all brand assets within a fully branded interface would make these challenges and other tasks much more manageable.

Facilitating a Brand Centre system that adds value and generate a ROI from the brand assets will ensure maximum global brand exposure. Our Brand Centre solution builds the meaning of your brand, communicating it internally and externally, increasing the value of your brand assets.

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