Implementation Services

One of the most effective ways to grow brand value is to ensure that all brand management processes are coherently implemented.

Introducing new systems and processes around brand management and activation can lead to significant efficiencies and value growth. With our Brand Centre and associated services, Adgistics continues to introduce new approaches and techniques for effective brand operations. However, for their best deployment, our Implementation Services help to ensure an accurate fit between your business processes and our solutions.

We help with the scoping and planning of brand management programmes to ensure that all changes to operational procedures are anticipated and welcomed by your team.

Our Brand Management Implementation Services include:

  • Implementation and Integration Services: optimising old techniques and mapping them to new ones
  • Consultancy Services: scoping the extent and function of your Brand Centre and its associated services
  • Technical Services: full project management to deliver software on time and on budget
  • Process Management Services: training design and delivery, tactical and strategic outsourcing

Professional Services

Combining our software with highly skilled brand administrators offers a cost effective and efficient way of managing the day-to-day details of brand management, while building up a long-term store of expertise.

Irrespective of how great your software is, there will always be things that are better-managed by hand. Whatever you need, we can help. Our Professional Services team consist of highly skilled brand people, who complement our technology to deliver cost effective solutions 
for managing your brand assets.

Our professionals work behind the scenes to make your Brand Centre® experience pleasant and efficient. They can source assets from your suppliers, upload and tag the files, help organise the launch, provide remote or on-site training and support users on a daily basis for as long and as extensively as you require.

Brand Management Professional Services - Automation with human attention

  • Asset Management Services
  • Content Management Services
  • Customer Service / Helpdesk Support
  • Site and User Registration and Management
  • Brand Guardianship
  • Brand Policing
  • Testing Management

Production Services

As a trusted partner, we continue to extend our capabilities to meet our clients' requirements proactively. The integration of production services with our Brand Centre software offers a new way to deliver brand materials with transparency, efficiency and consistency.

While it’s always been possible to utilise the Brand Centre with a third party production service, and indeed many clients have done so, we believe that maximum efficiency and process transparency can be achieved with our fully integrated production services offering. As a result, we have extended our technology and service offer to enable production services to be directly integrated with the Brand Centre®. Whether it’s adaptation or versioning for advertising in any medium, or the production of below the line and promotional materials, our production service offers a best in class solution.

Our team comes with deep experience across all media and production disciplines, ready to create solutions for your requirements at any scale. And with Brand Centre integration, ROI can be traced right along the brand delivery chain.

Adgistics Brand Management Production Services include:

  • Print Production Services and Management
    • Creative Retouch Services
    • Image Manipulation - Colour Correction
    • Proofing
    • Scanning
    • Creative Artworking
    • Advertisement Type Setting
  • Studio Design Services
  • Versioning
    • Adaptation
    • Localisation
    • Transcreation
    • Re-purposing
    • Language Translation
  • Digital Production Services and Management
  • Templatising
  • Podium Stand Product Sheet - Banner Stand Product Sheet

For more information on our service offerings and pricing please don’t hesitate to contact our Production Services Team.

Preparing Artwork

Correctly preparing artwork will make a world of difference to the turnover of your advertisements.

PDF files can be supplied directly to our Adgistics Production Services team; they must however be prepared correctly using the Pass-4-Press guidelines.

All PDF files must adhere to the Pass-4-Press criteria, which can be found on the Pass-4-Press website.

Preparing Artwork according to the Pass4Press Guidelines

Pass4press is a set of guidelines, developed and retained by the PPA (Professional Publisher Association), for creating industry-standard PDF files for printing. The best practice guidelines detail how to create dependable, print-ready PDF files. It’s crucial to get adhere to the correct guidelines right up-front to prevent expensive mistakes further down the production line.

Artwork prepared in any other application formats such as Microsoft Word or PowerPoint etc. need to be recreated to conform fully to the desired publications print criteria. This recreation will carry an additional studio mark-up charge.

Adgistics Services Group can deliver artwork to worldwide publications.

For any further enquiries please contact our Production Services team on or call us on 020 7940 5472.

Pricing Matrix

Adgistics Check & Send service is designed to perform in minimal time, meeting your deadline with ease.

To cost up your job, simply type the height and width of your advertisement in the boxes provided below, then press calculate. Once a price has been obtained you can press next, fill in the form and upload your artwork. Someone from our Professional Service Team will then contact you.

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