Brand Centre

A Brand Centre® fits your needs and adapts to your way of working. Readily accessible and perfectly secure, it improves consistency and coherence by linking brand assets to guidelines for their use.

Our Brand Centre technology is unique, intelligent and flexible.

Built around a powerful Brand Asset Management system, our Brand Centre has a successful track record of significantly improving the effectiveness of brand management. Our solutions add intelligence to your assets, forming relationships between them, understanding their success and helping to analyse your investment. The Brand Centre provides your marketing team, agency and/or other brand partners with controlled access to all brand materials.

Brand Centres educate and enable, they illustrate through interactive guides and best practice how your brand assets should be used, improving efficiency and protecting brand equity. The Brand Centre can be optionally enhanced with our configurable and scalable modules.

It can manage a complete range of brand assets, improving efficiency across multiple languages and output platforms. It organises and enhances without enforcing an off-the-shelf vision of how you should operate. The Brand Centre is completely tailored and customised to the brands ethos, becoming the primary channel for your brand.

Brand Centres provide a central repository for all brand assets including traditional items such as logos, fonts, photography, communications and artwork kits, visual guideline documents and brand articles, as well as more widely defined brand assets such as compliance, governance and HR materials.