About Us

Adgistics helps to grow brand value for global businesses with its range of Brand Asset Management solutions and services. These provide control and consistency for brand managers and make brand assets work harder.

Since 1999, Adgistics has been a pioneer in the Brand Asset Management industry. Today, while a substantial number of companies populate the sector, competing for your attention and your assets, many of the problems we set out to address remain the same. This is where our experience counts, and for more than a decade we have been building an unparalleled track record in delivering robust, intelligent solutions at an international, regional and local scale for companies such as Ford, Network Rail and Cirque du Soleil.

Adgistics is a specialist provider of Marketing Asset Management solutions. We configure marketing management and automation solutions and services around the way our clients do business.

We respect the investment they make in their brand, and ensure the assets supporting it are put to work in the most efficient way. We have helped companies like adidas and Brown-Forman make the most out of their resources, both human and material. Our clients value the unique combination of our technical and marketing communications expertise. They rely on us to deliver solutions which address their current needs, and grow with their brands.

Headquartered in London, we deliver and manage our web-based asset management solution - the Brand Centre® - globally for both brand owners and their agency partners. Our systems manage the storage, repurposing, distribution and protection of brand assets cross media and in multiple languages.

Brand Asset Management Solutions

Our clients’ Brand Centres have become international offices in the cloud, helping professionals to learn, communicate and work together, in complete security, whenever it suits them. Our brand management solutions and services work the work they do.

Adgistics helps to grow brands. With efficient Brand Asset Management systems, better internal brand understanding, improved communications, considerable savings and the empowerment of your team through technology, we help create a culture of best practice.