Brand Challenges

How can marketing departments, traditionally cost centres, become profit generators? The key is to ensure effective brand management that makes all your brand assets work harder and so deliver better returns.

Improving brand value through the effective management of brand assets is a difficult task, especially for businesses with divisions and partners across the world, and multiple channels to market. Our Manage and Create solutions allow brand teams to ensure that the significant investment a brand represents delivers a measurable return. They also reduce the risk to reputation and compliance that can result from a poorly managed brand.

Every organisation and every brand is different and presents its own unique brand challenges. For example, controlling access to brand materials is key to ensuring legitimate usage. A single centralised solution mandates accurate delivery and monitoring of brand materials across all channels. Our Deliver and Automate solutions answer these challenges as an integral part of your Brand Centre.

Monitoring and optimising social media conversations can inspire brand ambassadors and help create strong relationships with external brand supporters. With our Share and Collaborate solutions you can build a culture of best practice around your brand.

These challenges for brand marketing fall outside even the most ambitious digital asset management solutions. Our Brand Centre® technology is unique, intelligent and flexible. It readily adapts to your needs and your way of thinking. It organises and enhances your brand without enforcing an off-the-shelf vision of how it should operate.