Manage & Create

Brand-led Campaign Management Tools support marketing execution and budget management. Generate real-time statistics to assess key metrics and achieve successful campaigns in a user-friendly environment.

Marketing departments need to demonstrate the value they bring to the wider enterprise and ensure that investment in the brand delivers a significant return. The Campaign Management Tools generate a complete overview of all campaigns, creative projects, resourcing and asset usage for marketing operations. Our Activity Task Management and Review and Approval modules give invaluable insight into marketing spend across multiple locations and channels, within a simple and intuitive content management system.

Our Campaign Management Tools help Brand Managers and Marketing Operations Executives to identify where projects may become stuck, fall behind schedule or just under perform against their projected deadlines and budgets. The Manage and Create platform is user friendly and allows approved marketing professionals to set up and monitor creative approvals, assign staff to specific tasks and review campaign status in real-time.

What to expect:

These modules deliver clear visibility over all your marketing activities. The Manage and Create platform can be set up with dashboards that report real-time statistics to help assess key performance indicators and plan out the appropriate steps needed to achieve a successful and profitable campaign.

Our Campaign Management Tools are configurable to match your business rather than the other way around. As part of your Brand Centre®, these Manage and Create modules allow approved users to set templates and default forms to aid the creative approvals process, supporting your staff members in executing their workload and effectively managing the digital assets of the brand.