Share & Collaborate

Track, monitor and analyse social media conversations around your brand to build a community of brand ambassadors and a culture of best practice.

Our brand-led Digital Asset Management solutions, empower your brand assets to achieve a greater social reach and create a strong and engaging online community of loyal brand followers.

Building the capability for social media brand conversations to be monitored and stored enables CMOs and Brand Managers to measure the influence of the brand in the community. Our Share and Collaborate modules can assess how your brand is perceived both internally and externally.

As a part of the Digital Asset Management solution, the Brand Centre®, these modules help to inspire staff and the customers alike with your core brand messages. Create communities buzzing with internal marketing insight, either as general discussions about your brand or focused specifically around individual digital assets.

What to expect from our Digital Asset Management solutions:

Blogs, forums and social networking tools to develop a collaborative platform internally and externally. Adopt innovative methods to recognise local success and stimulate the sharing of best practice ideas across different markets. Share and Collaborate modules can cultivate and retain a community of brand ambassadors through open conversation.