Adgistics Brand Management software hub

Our Brand Management software educates and illustrates through interactive guides best practices, improving efficiency and protecting brand equity.

The Brand Centre is a highly secure solution for our clients, which provides in-house teams, agencies and other brand partners with controlled access to all brand assets ensuring brand consistency and eradicating any dilution of the brand.

Through its simple and highly visual user interface, it's ensured that users utilise the brand assets in a controlled environment and within all compliance necessary, protecting your brand assets and enhancing brand culture. The system can be optionally enhanced with a range of configurable and scalable solutions, that can be enhanced and added on anytime in the life cycle.

In any brand environment, having clear visibility of the marketing spend and controlling dissemination of communications is vital.

Read some of our case studies or get in touch to learn how businesses are driving ROI with our Brand Management system – the Brand Centre.