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Case Studies

Our case studies outline how the Brand Centre platform supports several world known brands to further manage and enrich their branding activities with a scalable solution that generates a deliverable ROI.


The Brown-Forman Brand Centre enables Brown-Forman to manages more than 25 brands, with extensive operations in over 135 countries, including Jack Daniel’s®, Southern Comfort® and Finlandia®.



The RICS Brand Centre ensures all employees work from one platform to reduce duplication of work, increase brand consistency and lower marketing costs.  



The Rotary Brand Centre educates over 1 million Rotary members on the brand, ensuring it is consistently applied and accurately understood.



For over a decade we have been measurably enhancing business processes in Brand Value Management for some of the world’s most leading brands. Below are white papers that we’ve developed based on our heritage and expertise.

The integrated practice of brand value management

What tools can best manage and optimise its impact and ensure the brand makes an accountable contribution to the balance sheet?


Brand Centre Brochure

Each Brand Centre solution is fully tailored to the specifications and requirements of our clients. Download our Brand Centre brochure to find out how the Brand Centre platform can optimise and enhance the value generated from your brand.

Global Brand Management distilled

Since its launch the Brand Centre has already made an immense impact on the brand… Evolving marketing technologies provide a powerful approach to grow brand value.


Benchmark Reports

We pay close attention to developments within our field; download some benchmark reports in order to draw industry-specific and cross-industry performance comparisons.

Localised Marketing Automation

Adgistics is ranked as one of the BEST vendors within the Marketing Asset Management industry.


Digital Asset

Adgistics achieved BEST Digital Asset Management vendor ranking with the top score 5 out of 5.