Adgistics creates simple, easy to use and consistent Brand Asset Management solutions for major brands that want to achieve successful ROI from their brand assets.

The Magic's in the Logic: Breaking into the Black Box of Brand Value

On Wednesday 22nd July, Adgistics Chairman James Waite led two seminars organised by the Luxury Marketing Council in New York City.

The flexibility of a dynamic task management system

Many companies claim to offer a workflow system designed for all professionals, however the most important component of any management system is how it fits around the business culture. A workflow system should be created around how the business operates and should not require users to struggle with it on a daily basis.

Engaged employees become brand champions! The importance of career developing tools to encourage brand evolvement and business growth

Without employees, a business will fail. Therefore, ensuring the happiness and wellbeing of staff is essential in driving growth and developing the brand.

What it takes to be a DAM champion

Utilising a digital asset management system can help to ensure that a brand’s assets are protected and that the tone of voice in all communications are maintained.

Creative approval process - how to make it as painless as possible!

We detail the reasons why you should update your creative approval process and how you can save time and money.

Adgistics relocates HQ to support further growth

Adgistics is to move its HQ to new offices in Deben House in London’s Docklands after more than 10 years at its present location.

Top 10 Digital Asset Management FAQs

Our Top 10 Digital Asset Management FAQs will give you insight into the benefits of a DAM solution and how it can help grow your brand.

Priorities in Brand Operations event

On June 18th 2015, Adgistics hosted a morning presentation and panel session titled - Priorities in Brand Operations – what makes the cut?

Can technology automate everything?... Do we really want it to?

In today's digital age, the biggest challenge in any business is understanding human behavior and translating this into effective user-friendly and automated technology.

How did Rotary, the international not for profit organisation, strengthen its brand identity?

Read our case study on how the Rotary Brand Centre® has provided the tools to maintain a clear brand identity and tone of voice.

BrandZ Top 100 brands key insights: What drives brand value?

Despite a challenging financial decade for businesses, the BrandZ™ Global Top 100 report has indicated that brand value has risen 126 percent in the last ten years.

Brand management essentials that enable you to manage your brand... even when stuck on an island!

You’re a brand manager, stuck on a desert island, with nothing but internet and the essentials to survive. What do you do? With the Brand Centre you can continue to manage your brand, relax, enjoy the sunshine and even use it to signal for help.

Gain brand control with the Brand Centre solution

Maintaining control of your brand assets is critical to achieving brand value. With components of a brand centre solution, control is sustained, assisting marketing professionals in managing the brand.

The Role of the Brand in Global Thinking & Local Action presented by Adgistics Chairman, James Waite

In an event organised by Cousin, Gould Paper and the UKTI, hosted by the Luxury Marketing Council in New York, Adgistics chairman James Waite presented “The Role of the Brand in Global Thinking and Local Action”.

The RICS Brand Centre reduces costs by enabling easy access to guidelines, templates and images and avoiding duplication of work

How does a large organisation with global reach achieve brand consistency? Read our MAM case study on the RICS Brand Centre.

What makes a reputable brand?

As organisations fight for consumers to buy into their products or services, they must ensure that their reputation is positive.

Engaging with your brand through a DAM solution

In order to sustain an effective brand strategy, companies must first provide employees with the tools to maintain brand consistency.

Adgistics offices closed during Easter holidays

The Adgistics offices will be closed during the Easter Holidays from Friday the 3rd of April until Monday the 6th of April.

A Brand Centre® is the ideal support tool for a successful rebranding rollout

Brands often go through transformations as their offerings and services evolve, unfortunately this sometimes results in inconsistent branding therefore it’s often necessary for brands to go through a rebranding exercise.

Automate customisable brand assets to protect brand identity

Accurate brand identity requires sophisticated marketing technologies that can protect and regulate the brand effectively. How can brand managers ensure all marketing activities reflect brand values?

Businesses with a strong portfolio of brands can leverage a DAM tool to gain global prominence

DAM technology supports modern marketers to increase brand awareness in diverse cultural markets by leveraging a DAM tool to gain global prominence.

Which brand is the most powerful brand in the world?

According to the latest Brand Finance report it’s not Apple that is the most powerful brand in the world but rather it's the Danish toy brand, LEGO. Read more about the worlds most powerful brands...

Marketing technology helps businesses deliver controlled brand experiences

Marketing technology is a critical function in any business and with more investment predicted, how can brands evolve?

Brand Love study: Find out which brands are the most loved or hated brands in the UK

An independent Brand Love study by isobel and OnePoll concluded that longevity is working effectively for most brands in the UK.

For tech-savvy millennials, it’s not just the brand name that influences their purchasing decisions

Brands can breakthrough to an emerging audience by reviewing the technology it employs, as it is just as important as their brand name.

Gain brand control and consistency to thrive in today’s highly competitive market

How can marketing departments ensure effective brand management that makes all brand assets work harder and more effective?

Top 100 most valuable Chinese brands

The fifth annual BrandZ™ Top 100 Most Valuable Chinese Brands report found that brand value rose 22% percent year-on-year. Find out which brands such as Tencent, Sinopec, ICBC or Baidu came in the list.

The European Tour launches a
multi-tier, multi-functional Brand Centre

The European Tour launches a specially designed Brand Centre to showcase and house material for their range of brands.

Which brands are ahead of the curve and meet consumer’s definition of a "luxury brand?"

Which brands are influencing consumers by effectively communicating their luxury essence and brand value? Research from NetBase shows a clear market trend.

Providing marketers with dynamic marketing technologies to enhance digital brand assets

New marketing technology capabilities can support a business’s strategy for international brand growth and enhancing digital brand assets.

Best Wishes for the joyous holiday season and successful New Year

As the year end approaches, everyone from Adgistics wants to wish all our visitors best wishes for a very happy festive season and a successful New Year! Read more info about our Christmas office period.

Delivering and optimising a global digital asset management system

Optimising a digital asset management system is considered challenging due to the complexity of the diversity of the digital brand assets. Read how brands such as Speedo and Berghaus utilise our solutions.

The importance of technology in building global brand awareness and loyal consumer relationships

Adapting a brand’s DNA to a specific market is vital in building an authentic and trustworthy brand. What role does technology play in brand awareness?

MAM system case study: Implementing brand consistency for Middle East’s largest telecom

How does an organisation communicate their brand accurately? Read our MAM system case study on STC, Middle East’s largest telecom.

Enterprise brand management technology can solve day-to-day marketing challenges

Managing your brand is more important than ever and technology is changing how brand and marketing professionals build a valuable brand.

Annual nation branding survey shows how countries are being perceived by the international public

The Anholt-GfK Roper Nation Brands Index™ measures the reputation of the world's nations and tracks their brand profiles as they rise or fall.

Adgistics bakes off for BBC Children in Need!

The big-hearted Adgistics personnel pulled out all the stops and got their creative juices flowing with a tasty and scrumptious bake off such as coconut, cherry and white chocolate mashup and peanut butter blondies.

The Global Brand Simplicity Index outlines which brands are meeting consumer needs consistently

Aldi comes out on top in the Brand Simplicity Index, beating dominating brands such as Google, Samsung and Apple across the global market.

Who are the most authentic brands in the UK, as well-known high-street names achieve top results?

Research by Cohn & Wolfe in the Authentic Brands 2014 study showcases what does authenticity mean in business today?

Brand Asset Management case study: How Brown-Forman manages its diverse global brand portfolio

With brands such as Jack Daniel’s and Southern Comfort, maintaining brand consistency within a highly regulated industry is a challenge.

The evolving role of the Chief Marketing Officer calls for a cross-functional MAM solution

Marketing professionals are set to spend more than the CIO by 2017 as they require investment in solutions that guarantee marketing ROI.

At what point do businesses require a collaborative and secure DAM system?

The marketing software landscape has exceptionally grown and a DAM system needs to move beyond their initial functionality.

Which US beverage brands are either geniuses or gifted? Latest brand study outlines a few surprises

Over 54 digital-savvy beverage drinks were analysed in four marketing competences: website, mobile, social media & digital marketing.

Adgistics Ranked as Best Performer within Digital Asset Management by Gleanster

Gleanster recognised Adgistics as one of the Best Digital Asset Management providers in the industry and achieved top ranking in the Overall value category.

Strengthen and amplify your brand properties to build an iconic brand for the future

Brands are part of our daily lives and certain brands have set themselves apart and are embedded into our daily life and culture.

Who has taken the coveted top ranking as the coolest brand in Britain?

So for a third year in a row, Apple has once again beaten other global brands to top of the list. Which other global brands are newcomers to this list...

Why technological investment in a centralised Digital Asset Management platform profits brands

In the last few years, there has been a vivid shift in media consumption and proliferation, from traditional to digital and social.

Five essential lessons in Global Brand Management from Brown-Forman for today's brand managers

The Internet can make every brand (big or small) pretty much as global as they want to be. It’s a challenge. But who said it was going to be easy?

Adgistics honoured as Bronze Stevie® Award winner in 2014 American Business AwardsSM

Adgistics were announced as winners at the ABA’s Tech and New Product awards ceremony in San Francisco on September 12.

Projecting a consistent brand image is important when building strong brand integrity globally

Organisations can leverage effective brand asset management solutions to ensure brand implementation partners are always on brand.

Managing a brand as an asset with intelligent brand management solutions

A brand is an entire business system and managing the brand as an asset can deliver successive growth through credible marketing technologies.

Marketing Asset Management case study: How to strengthen a brand in the healthcare industry

Allegiance Health wanted to apply their brand identity consistently over 40 different community health services and facilities.

Marketing Automation: Empowering local markets to create engaging on-brand experiences

Marketing professionals spend a lot of time creating marketing material but can they automate this process to drive global efficiencies?

The role technology is playing in brand identity management for global companies

Companies are focusing on their brand identity as a key competitive differentiator. It's vital to manage it with user-friendly technology.

Maintaining a tighter control over your brand assets can deliver profitable growth

Budgeting, planning, and managing a global brand identity involves knowing how a consumer perceives the brand in various situations.

Find out the rankings for which global brands are the most and least respected in 2014

Brand consulting firm CoreBrand released their second annual report on the well-liked and well-respected global brands.

Digital Asset Management case study: How does Berghaus ensure international brand consistency?

Understand how our brand management platform is delivering a robust solution and launching seasonal campaigns consistently on-brand.

Build a buzzing brand community with a flexible and scalable Marketing Asset Management tool

Empower your brand assets to achieve a greater social reach and make an impactful and engaging brand connection across various markets.

Centralising your marketing assets is an integral part when building an engaging brand culture

Fostering a brand culture requires more than the name or logo; it’s the intangible glue that brings different stakeholders together to add value to the brand.

Communicate your brand identity with collaborative brand management tools

A business requires clear and concise brand management to execute on-brand communications and stand out in a multicultural environment.

Authentic brand storytelling plays a crucial role in determining the future of big brands in the UK

The latest brand study conducted by OnePoll and Aesop outlines a shift in fortunes for many of the UK’s leading brands.

Marketing teams can leverage Digital Asset Management software to profitably deliver a brand portfolio

Every business has a brand story behind them and it’s impossible to engage consumers in that story without some form of digital touchpoint.

How can a Brand Centre technology platform ensure global brand consistency?

Managing a diverse brand can be perplexing, especially when seeking to differentiate and become the category leader in the market.

Adgistics ranked top performer within the field of Marketing Asset Management by Gleanster

Gleanster positions Adgistics as a highly intuitive platform with exceptional brand management and marketing automation capabilities.

Effectively managing digital assets to produce accurate on-brand marketing collateral

Marketing professionals, creative teams and agencies are producing a wealth of marketing collateral to ensure consistent brand messaging.

Brand Asset Management case study: Uniting a family of global brands through a powerful brand management technology solution

With a diverse brand portfolio, Pentland focuses on nurturing its brands to become industry leaders.

Support the unique needs of different cultural markets with innovative Marketing Asset Management solutions

Businesses want to deliver accurate marketing collateral that portray the brand’s tone of voice.

Your business is your brand

How well your brand is understood – internally as well as by the public – and how well it’s managed can make all the difference between a good company and a great company. In every company there’s a single set of ideas and rules that unites all the complex specialities.

A scalable DAM system can deliver efficient global brand management

Marketing teams want to reach their target audience with the right message, at the right time, through the right channel. A DAM system can aid marketing teams in facilitating a collaborative environment.

How can BAM software help brand managers avoid the pitfalls of inconsistent branding?

Brand consistency gives consumers the impression that they ‘know’ the brand that it’s a trusted friend that they can rely on.

If optimally administrated and easily accessible, brand assets facilitate brand development and pave the way for a strong brand

Local marketing teams can appropriately re-purpose brand assets for their audience.

How can MAM software support brands in building best practices and enhancing brand culture?

Achieving high user adoption rates for MAM software hinges on usability and intuitiveness. MAM software has to support the users effortlessly in every activity.

When implementing a BAM solution, which ROI metrics are the biggest selling points?

With investments in marketing technologies rapidly developing, it is imperative to be conscious of the ROI technology can have on your brand.

Digital Asset Management case study: How does Network Rail create effective and on-brand communication material in minutes

How does a large organisation such as Network Rail maintains its high level of brand consistency?

Brand Asset Management solutions are integral components to building a brand.

Implementing BAM solutions will push creativity into overdrive and ensure that the brand meets the digital requirements of today’s consumers.

Brand value in the technology category rose by 16% according to the 2014 BrandZ Global Top 100 report

Around a fifth of the Global Top 100 companies are technology brands, including the top ranked brand.

Brands capitalise on technological infrastructure solutions like DAM software to enhance their brand identity globally

Enterprises struggle to portray a consistent brand identity across several markets and continents.

Rotary launch a global Brand Centre® solution

With the addition of Rotary to its client list, Adgistics is delighted to be working with an organisation famed for its social awareness and the charitable contributions it makes towards creating a better world.

What makes a brand irresistible?

A new global study by TNS of over a 1,000 household brand names uncovers the most irresistible brands today and the brands we loathe. Experts analysed over a thousand household names to figure out the 8 drivers of brand irresistibility.

Brand Asset migration – how to make it as painless as possible?

The practice of migrating brand assets into a new Brand Asset Management system needs to be handled with care in order to ease the process and achieve a higher system adoption rate.

How can companies harness a Brand Centre® solution to deliver a strong and credible brand?

A brand is a combination of intangible and tangible elements. Developing a credible brand reputation encompasses several crucial fundamentals.

Adgistics a finalist in the 2014 American Business AwardsSM

The American Business Awards (ABA) announced today that Adgistics has been nominated for an American Business Award in the New Product or Service of the Year (Software - Asset Management Solution) category.

When implementing a Digital Asset Management system, what are the biggest perceived challenges?

Overall DAM systems can technically fit an organisation but often lack that simple, user-friendly experience that adds so much value for all stakeholders involved.

Marketing Asset Management case study: How does Salomon establish global brand consistency across its markets

Maintaining a global brand across multiple countries and distributors can be an obstacle for many brands.

Utilise intelligent Brand Management Tools to maintain brand consistency and support a refreshed brand identity

Organisations often breathe new life into their brand identity but how can they maintain brand consistency?

Recognise growth opportunities for your business by understanding your brand assets

The fundamental aspect of building a strong brand with distinctive brand assets is the commitment to ensure all collateral is consistently on-brand.

3 components of your marketing strategy that a DAM solution can support

Investment in a DAM solution is on the rise as businesses need the ability to leverage marketing software and technologies to ensure an ROI.

Why is a strategic approach crucial when implementing Marketing Technology solutions?

The Marketing technology landscape is evolving rapidly and businesses need to strategise their long-term approach.

Digital Asset Management case study: How Ford utilises their Brand Centre® solution

Creating on-brand advertising, direct mail and POS campaigns efficiently and effectively is a challenge for any business.

Suggested steps to ensure a more effective Brand Asset Management solution launch

In this blog we've outlined key steps that can further support a successful launch of a Brand Asset Management solution.

An effective Brand Management platform is often driven by the following five trends

Brand managers are presented daily with a number of challenges as how to strengthen the brands position and further generate brand awareness.

Marketing Asset Management systems, an enterprise-class solution for cross-functional organisations

Due to the ever-increasing progression of technology-enabled marketing, the role of the CMO has evolved drastically over the past years.

Which Brand Asset Management system functionalities could you not live without?

Demands and performance expectations from Brand Asset Management System (BAM) are increasingly coming to the foreground.

How to adapt a global business in local markets with an intuitive Digital Asset Management software

Launching a brand in new territories is an exciting time for a business but failing to adapt it locally can have a hampering effect on the brand.

Adgistics identified as one of the most promising Content Management Solution provider in 2014

CIO Review experts identified Adgistics as one of the most promising Content Management Solutions available in 2014.

Adgistics employees doing their bit for Sport Relief

Adgistics employees hosted an energetic and fun Cycle Challenge at our London office to raise money for Sport Relief, a UK based charity.

If meaningful brands no longer existed, how would that affect your personal well-being?

The results of a study published by the Havas Media Group, show that brands which are meaningful outperform the stock market by 120%.

Is a Brand Centre solution the missing ingredient to your Marketing Mix?

Businesses tend to plan their forthcoming year of activities, including marketing and branding, in the last quarter of the previous year.

How valuable are your digital assets?

Most brands have an understanding of the value of their digital assets but what about our personal ones? Do you have an understanding of how valuable your personal digital assets are?

How can Artwork Automation solve major marketing conundrums for global brands?

Gain a competitive edge in the market by allowing your brand team to customise collateral and save a fortune in the cost of creative resources.

How does adidas manage their brand? Review our Brand Asset Management case study

The Brand Centre® solution allows marketers to view and order localised campaign material to ensure global advertising consistency.

Infographic: Adgistics in 2013

2013 was an especially eventful year for us here at Adgistics. We expanded into new territories, celebrated our fourth year of consecutive growth and greatly increased our client base. View our Infographic outlining our top successes.

A successful Digital Asset Management system masters these four essential functions

Businesses sourcing for a Digital Asset Management system want a unified simple solution to meet these four essential functions.

Which type of Metadata standard do you use when searching your brand assets?

Our Brand Centre® solution engages businesses to rally around the brand as an asset and ensure a collaborative culture through multiple divisions.

How Digital Asset Management software enhances brand culture

Brand assets play an integral part in building and developing brand culture. How the brand is represented and the understanding of a brand and its culture is echoed in its brand assets.

User-friendly campaign management tools that further reinforce brand positioning

For most businesses and organisations marketing campaigns serve as a large part of their communication strategy intended to reinforce brand positioning.

UX Personas: Putting a face to your users

Adgistics’ Head of Design shares his thoughts on key areas of focus when designing user-friendly Brand Asset Management software solutions in continuation of the ‘Pushing the pixels… forward’ blog series.

Organise your brand assets with a intuitive and dynamic Brand Asset Management solution

How can a business implement an effective workflow and ensure brand consistency when duplicated work is not being streamlined?

How to implement global brand culture, when no one knows where the brand assets live?

Businesses aim to keep all brand assets in one centralised place in order to ensure that the brand is always accurately represented.

How can a Marketing Asset Management software support global brand compliance?

Many software organisations position themselves as capable solution vendors and offer systems that fulfil the needs of global brands.

Metadata management, which sources do you rely on for your Digital Asset Management solution?

Metadata enables branded assets within a Digital Asset Management solution to be catalogued, searched and retrieved more efficiently.

Cloud Computing – how can it change a business?

Mr. Ivan Gashtilov studies Cloud Computing based on Adgistics. With focus on development, analyses of status quo and pros and cons of Cloud Computing within advertising, digital era, connected workforce and creativity of businesses.

What makes a good brand manager?

In order to be a good brand manager, the role requires several attributes such as conviction, perspective, generalism, detailed vision and intelligent use of tools. In the following post we will look in detail into what makes a good brand manager.

Adgistics Production Services partner with Care2Give

Adgistics Production Services team has for the past 2 years had a prosperous partnership with Care2Give, an established and successful UK F2F agency specialising in the recruitment of long term charity supporters.

How to manage Brand Assets effectively. What are the Five C’s of Brand Asset Management?

To help manage Brand Assets effectively we have pinpointed the Five C’s of Brand Asset Management which can further enhance ROI and brand value.

Season’s Greetings from Adgistics CEO, Joe Jarrett

When I reflect back on what has been achieved at Adgistics during 2013, I can best summarise it as a year of great change, continued growth and rapid development! I am very proud of what we have...

Our very best wishes for a happy holiday season
and a prosperous New Year!

Should you plan to visit us, please be aware that Adgistics’ offices will be closed from 25th December through to 1st January.

The Brand Centre® solution enables brands to optimise consistency and easily share assets and
resources among locations

In today's competitive global marketplace, brand managers strive to successfully position and enhance brand value, so they look to leverage a Brand Asset Management solution...

4 cornerstones for a dynamic
and scalable Digital Asset Management solution

Developing a dynamic Digital Asset Management solution is a detailed and challenging process. Several factors need to be taken into account for example metadata, user permissions, user interface...

Brand Management Tools can save time & resources whilst effectively monitoring brand consistency

To ensure a successful brand implementation across multiple locations, all marketing and communication initiatives should be fully unified through some highly responsive and functional Brand Management Tools.

Artwork Automation technology accredit brands to simplify and streamline their creative processes

A common question for brands is how can we automate our artwork more easily? What kind of Artwork Automation technology is available and capable of doing such intricate artwork processes…

Adgistics supports Children in Need charity with a scrumptious and mouth-watering Bake Off!

Adgistics staff raises funds to support BBC Children in Need with a scrumptious Bake Off.

A Brand Centre® – ideal solution for agencies to leverage and manage several brands

Large agencies that manage global brands with a presence in multiple territories need an effective way to approve campaigns and ensure all representations are consistently on-brand.

Practical suggestions to launching an adaptive and engaging Brand Asset Management system

Once you have formulated a re-branding project or a re-fresh of your brand identity for several months and worked alongside a partner for an adaptive and engaging Brand Asset Management system, how do you get it off the ground successfully?

Adgistics announces new Senior Studio Operator for the Adgistics Services Group

Adgistics, creators of the Brand Centre® software platform, recently extended its technology and service offer to enable production services to be directly integrated with the Brand Centre.

Why is UX important to designing a simple and reliable Digital Asset Management system?

Insight from Adgistics, the digital asset management specialist, on key areas to focus on when designing a Digital Asset Management system with a user-friendly, fully branded user interface.

Brand Management specialist Adgistics extends offer into Production Services

Adgistics has extended its technology and service offer to enable production services to be directly integrated with the Brand Centre® software platform.

The Brand on the Balance Sheet Adgistics panel event

On October 17th 2013, Adgistics hosted a morning panel outlining how new techniques brought to developing brands can grow new value across the organisation.

10 tips on how to create an efficient and dynamic Digital Asset Management system

In our blog article for this week we present 10 bite size tips to further enable the brand team to make full use of a dynamic Digital Asset Management system.

4 steps to galvanize your team to be fully engaged with your Digital Asset Management system

Once you have identified and implemented your chosen Digital Asset Management system, the challenge becomes to ensure that the teams use the solution religiously.

5 points to keep in mind when implementing a Brand Asset Management system

Implementing a Brand Asset Management system can be daunting task with various vendor choices in the market. Our simple Prezi presents 5 points that could help you along the journey.

How can a monkey further enhance your Brand Asset Management system? What is it good for?

You may not know it, but the word ‘API’ means monkey in Icelandic. Our blog article focuses on how “monkeys” (an API) can be utilised to strengthen your Brand Asset Management system?

Marketing Asset Management will help you to master brand consistency and much more…

In today’s marketing landscape is highly complex and to master brand consistency of all global communications channels, both online and offline, can be highly demanding and challenging.

Digital Asset Management specialist, Adgistics, continues to adapt to rapid growth with another office expansion

Adgistics continues to grow with their second office expansion in as many months. In August, Adgistics relocated its Chicago office to a larger location in order to accommodate more employees.

How an Application Programming Interface (API) can lead the way to cohesive Interoperability

This is the final blog in our Interoperability mini-series focusing on Application Programming Interface (API) and its impact towards cohesive Interoperability.

What is a Brand Centre?

The goal for most businesses is to leverage their brand and create synergy among divisions, locations and team members in order to further boost brand equity and increase ROI on marketing activities.

Brand Asset Management expert, Adgistics, expands Chicago office space to further support growth

Adgistics, relocates their Chicago office to accommodate rapid growth and future expansion plans.

Interoperability - hardware systems that interoperate in milliseconds to provide a seamless experience

Continuing on with our Interoperability mini-series, our second blog focuses on how systems interoperate in milliseconds and without you noticing!

Interoperability – What does it mean and how does it affect Digital Asset Management systems?

Welcome to part one of our mini-series about unraveling the layers of Interoperability. It would seem to be a straightforward concept but the term gets branded out a lot...

A glimpse into the second golden age of advertising

We came across this enlightening article from the Financial Times A glimpse into the second golden age of advertising, a highly enlightening article by the Financial Times focusing on the developments of advertising, the digital era and creativity.

A Digital Asset Management Experts viewpoint; What exactly is Metadata and why is it important?

Digital Asset Management Experts everywhere will tell you that metadata will make or break the effectiveness of your Digital Asset Management System.

Adgistics commitment to Product Development results in strong company growth

The Financial Content recently posted an article on Adgistics, the Brand Value Management specialist, focusing on our commitment to product development resulting in strong company growth.

With our colour asset search you can have any colour you'd like... and it does not have to be black!

With pictures, it’s not just metadata describing the literal meaning of what it shows that makes for a richly referenced – and therefore useful – asset. Other properties, like the predominant colour scheme, can be an essential criterion in finding and selecting the right asset for the job.

Protecting your brand assets; what to bear in mind when it comes to security, tracking and storage

Remember how difficult it was to dig up that image from the corporate campaign that you ran five years ago? Just finding a low resolution version of the image may involve various requests...

Artwork Automation supports brands to improve costs and increase efficiency

Artwork automation offers a solution for brands to streamlines design processes; reduce time to market and ensure brand accuracy. Are you paying designers to edit mundane basic artwork? Ever considered the effects that Artwork Automation...

The key to a successful Digital Asset Management (DAM) implementation is ease of system adoption

To successfully implement a Digital Asset Management solution system adoption needs to be a priority. This is an area that often gets overlooked. We've identified 3 key principles to ensure ease of system adoption.

How will a good Taxonomy structure ensure user-friendly Digital Asset Management solution?

Our Taxonomy Prezi outlines the importance of organising your assets in a Digital Asset Management system as users will search in a variety of ways. This key concept will help users to locate assets easily in a DAM system.

Brand Identity test! Can the design of a button deliver a powerful message about a brands identity?

It can be hard to understand the connection between a brand and its design. Design plays a major part in creating a 'Brand Identity' and an integral part of what we call 'a global brand'. View and take the brand identity test.

View our simple introduction and explanation of the sub-categories within Digital Asset Management

Our snapshot presentation unfolds to showcase and explain a few popular sub-categories of Digital Asset Management: Brand Asset Management and Marketing Asset Management. Which marketing automation platform to choose?

Adgistics unveils partnership with brand implementation specialist BrandActive

Adgistics has 'partnered’ with Toronto-based brand implementation specialist BrandActive, to focus on providing the first highly functional, cost-effective solution to Healthcare brand management within North America.

Adgistics hosted a fun and delicious Red Nose Day Bake Off for Comic Relief 2013

Pioneers of innovative Brand Asset Management solutions hosted a fun and delicious Red Nose Day Bake Off for Comic Relief 2013. Assortments of cakes were baked and debates were held about which one was voted the office favourite.

Adgistics welcomes Marketing and Brand Specialist

We are happy to announce a new addition to the management team, Dora Birna Sigurjonsdottir.

Adgistics is pleased to announce a new appointment for the Chief Technology Officer role

With the growth and diversification of our client portfolio, we saw a clear opportunity for a highly experienced Chief Technology Officer. We are happy to welcome a new member to the senior management team.

Innovators of Marketing Asset Management solutions and services redefine their online presence

Today, Adgistics is proud to announce a website, which will help visitors’ better understand how brands can make their assets work more intelligently, and bring a greater return on the investment they represent.

Innovators of Brand Asset Management solutions and services redefine their online presence

Adgistics is proud to announce a new website, which will help visitors’ better understand how brands can make their assets work more intelligently.

Adgistics at CMO Exchange 2013

As a sponsor of CMO Exchange, Adgistics will be welcoming delegates in Miami Florida, to network and discuss 'The Limits of Digital Asset Management'.

Senior management team
expansion in North America

The leading innovator in brand-led digital asset management software solutions has expanded its management team.

Brand Asset Management specialists has taken a step further by expanding into Chicago

Adgistics expands further into North America and is 'open for business' in Chicago. Our expansion into the US is a direct response to the increased interest and investment in brand management technology from global brands in the US market.

Migrating your digital assets is like moving into a new house

Read how to achieve a smooth and easy transition of your marketing, brand and digital assets into a new home.

Why Help Desk and Client Support are like Toy Story

Read about the 6 possible challenges Brand teams may encounter and require some friendly help.

How to achieve a multi-functional Brand Asset Management system with minimal fuss

Success depends on regular and focused updates, where you have the chance to review and provide structured feedback on what’s been developed.

Adgistics Bowling Bonanza

2012 has a been a hectic but outstanding year at Adgistics. We held a bowling event to celebrate and it soon turned into a fierce competition.

Gartner positions Adgistics for steady growth as a Digital Asset Management expert

Read what Gartner has to say about Adgistics as a Cloud Services Digital Asset Management expert

Gartner positions Adgistics for steady growth as a cloud services Digital Asset Management expert

Read what Gartner has to say about Adgistics as a cloud services Digital Asset Management expert.

Mobile and Tablet web development – one site fits all

Rapid adoption of tablets & smartphones is fuelling the need for a 'one size fits all' motif.

Why the browser vendor -prefix- saved the web

Did DOCTYPE implementation save the use of CSS on the web?

Adgistics helps disadvantaged youngsters

Adgistics teamed up with Ford, one of its long-term clients, to help put a smile on the faces of disadvantaged youngsters around the country by sponsoring the Ford Great Lakeland Challenge.

Adgistics is proud to celebrate
three years of continuous growth

Brand Asset Management market leader rides momentum, continual growth against market conditions.

Adgistics Brand Asset Management solution
integral to new Ford Focus launch

Leading Brand Asset Management Company applauded for delivering superior brand portal to Ford UK dealers

Brand management solution for Cirque du Soleil

Adgistics portfolio has become brighter, louder, more diverse, dramatic and magical: with lots of fanfare, we gladly welcome the extraordinary Cirque du Soleil.

Implementing a first-class
dealership management system at Ford UK

Implementing a first-class dealership management system at Ford UK.