A successful brand has value beyond the revenues it generates. With the control, consistency and efficiencies provided by a Brand Centre, that value not only grows, but can be measured in a way that adds a new, accountable dimension to your business. The Brand Centre manages and deploys your assets in such a way that the contribution they make can be quantified, analysed and optimised.

Download our adidas Brand Centre case study to read how it maximises return with total annual cost savings in excess of €2 million.


While your brand takes a leading role in expressing your offer to the customers outside your business, it also faces inwards.
Your staff, partners and suppliers should be touched and motivated by the same promise that creates a loyal customer base. The Brand Centre, most commonly an internal tool, is designed to reflect your outward values, and to create ambassadors for your brand from amongst your staff, in a culture of best practice.

The Rotary Brand Centre unifies their corporate employees and external affiliates, over 1 million members, across the globe educating and ensuring that the brand is at the heart of activities.


A term often often misapplied in enthusiastic marketing, we are cautious about the claims we make for offering something ‘greater than the sum of its parts’. But we have 17 years of leadership in the business of brand asset management under our belt. As a result, we are confident that our solutions provide the framework you need to exceed your expectations of what you can achieve. The Brand Centre offers capabilities in asset and process management, resource sharing, activation and delivery that can be modelled to optimise what you do in ways that offer immediate returns and long term value.

Download our Ford Brand Centre case study that outlines how dealers are able to create accurate on brand advertising, direct mail & POS in a matter minutes.


Poor filing and poor discoverability can lead to unnecessary and expensive duplication of effort. At the same time it can leave opportunities to replicate success unexploited. The Brand Centre ensures that procedures for uploading, indexing and storing assets are simple and effective. Once they’re in place, your assets can be put to work through one of our solutions – task management, workflow and process automation – that ensure (and measure) the improvements they bring to you business.

Read how RICS (the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) shares its substantial database of materials worldwide.


Being sure you have control over who can access your assets is critical to maintaining brand value. Unauthorised use can lead to complication at best and the threat of legal or financial exposure at worst.

Controlling access, to global standards of security, is a core component of the Brand Centre. It enables you to define and manage users and roles for a simple one-site business or a multi-lingual, multinational organisation. Empowered with our workflow and artwork automation systems, the Brand Centre can rise to the most sophisticated process and regulatory requirements, while allowing creativity to flourish.

Download our Brown-Forman e-book, the company behind over 30 of the worlds most iconic drink brands such as Jack Daniels and discover how their Brand Centre manages ridged regulations & compliancy issues the world over.


Getting logo usage and presentation layouts correct is a commonplace requirement that a Brand Centre meets with ease. But ensuring that there is consistency at all brand touch points – both internal and external – can be hard to implement and police. Every Brand Centre provides integral brand guideline functionality, a system that links brand assets with their correct usage. Dynamically managed (as nothing is set in stone), your brand guidelines can both teach and require correct usage, with the relevant asset directly at hand.

Download our Network Rail Brand Centre case study outlining how the owner of most of the rail infrastructure in Great Britain enforces brand consistency for 1 billion passengers.