Client Case Studies

For over a decade we have been measurably enhancing business processes in Brand Asset Management for the world’s leading brands. Please feel free to download our case studies.


How adidas ensures global brand and advertising consistency and saves over €2m annually

Allegiance Health

The Allegiance Health BrandHub communicates high standards within the healthcare sector in North America


The Berghaus Brand Centre® enables 500+ active users to initiate consistent brand marketing campaigns


Find out how Brown-Forman manages thousands brand assets for their global brands in various markets.

Ford UK

The Ford UK Brand Centre® allows UK dealers to create and publish customised marketing collateral efficiently

Network Rail

Find out how Network Rail station staff can create effective and on-brand communication materials in minutes

Pentland Brands plc

The Pentland Brands plc Brand Centre greatly increase consumer brand engagement and share brand materials


Salomon implements a powerful Brand Centre® to globally maintain brand consistency in 8 different languages


Read how the largest Telecom company in the Arab State region, STC , implemented a multilingual Brand Portal