The Adgistics Brand Centre, is a dynamic brand management hub that joins teams, assets, projects and processes in a secure environment, with the tools to enable efficient collaboration and effective deliver


Brand Centre Features


Adaptation on demand

Balancing consistency in communication with the requirements of local markets is an opportunity to gain a competitive edge. Artwork Automation combines rigour and flexibility, while achieving new efficiencies in operation.

  • Rules-based templates enable adaptation to be as flexible or as controlled as needed
  • Resizing algorithm preserves layout consistency
  • Precise representation of changes
  • Integrated approval system

Create then collaborate

The people you involve in brand projects will cross departments, businesses and borders. With our Annotator, the benefits of complete collaboration when creating and designing are at your fingertips.

  • Share videos, text, photos, and finished artwork
  • Mark up, comment and assign tasks
  • Full version control and notifications
  • Complete audit trail
Activity management.png

One system to delivery

Enables users to set up projects, assign roles for review and sign-off, and securely distribute full project documentation integrated with the Brand Centre using Activity Management. Users involved in multiple projects keep track of required actions from a dashboard view. Ensuring the right people know what they have to do and by when to ensure you have a project delivered to brief, on time and on budget.


Sharing is caring

Identifying, capturing and sharing opportunities in brand communication often won't wait for the more traditional creative development processes. With My Share users can share data of all types through the Brand Centre, creating a high speed but fully audited pathway to new concept development.


Up to date anywhere

The Brand Centre deploys a fully customisable onscreen notification system to make sure you are always up to speed on activities and responsibilites.


Shining a spotlight

Showcase offers a dynamic interface that allows selected collections of best practice brand materials to be grouped and shared amongst internal and supplier teams ensuring the best of your brand is visible.

  • Encourages re-use of concepts
  • An ideal way to promote campaign themes and successful executions
  • Accessible on or off the system
  • Commentary provides insight on featured content

Turn insight into action

Building up a picture of return on investment is key to justifying communications expenditure. By knowing how and where your brand assets are deployed, and linking their use to the impact they have, the Brand Centre helps to measure the value your brand is bringing to your business.


We've provided you with some of the highlights of what the Adgistics Brand Centre can offer, however, we've barely scratched the surface of all the features available.

To discover the full capabilities of the Brand Centre and how the platform can directly benefit your brand, please complete the form below and we will take you through a tour tailored to your specific requirements.

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