Be creative within the box with MRM

Giving your marketing teams the freedom to create and adapt on the fly is a key part of a brand’s marketing success. However, ensuring that those teams don’t overstep the mark and end up off-brand in the age of global digital marketing is just as important. Implementing MRM into a brand ensures creativity isn’t stifled whilst ensuring that effective oversight and fail-safes are inbuilt into the creative process.

Artwork Automation – A cornerstone of effective MRM

One of the key features of an MRM that ensures creative flexibility whilst ensuring effective oversight and management is Artwork Automation, which provides tailor-made asset templates that provide teams with the ability to custom artwork quickly and easily whilst guaranteeing that all brand guidelines are adhered to.

Artwork Automation involves the conversion of regularly used assets into editable templates that enable users with the correct permissions to edit and adapt these assets to specific markets, occasions, and events. With an inbuilt approval flow, users are given the freedom to make compelling assets that will always be on brand.

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