Inspire and educate by showcasing exceptional campaigns with a DAM system

Showcase draws together the best content from across your business and gives them pride of place within an on-brand, easy to use player to inspire DAM system users or targeted groups. Easily assembled ‘by hand’, Showcase can also be auto-generated based on any number of indices such as, regional, most shared, most highly reviewed, etc. As a tangible recognition of success, Showcase helps to grow a culture of best practice as well as communicating assets and campaign ideas that can, through Brand Centre linkage, be readily implemented in new markets, offering greater brand consistency and cost efficiency across a DAM system.

Key features offered by Showcase within a DAM system:

  • Reduces costs and shortens production cycles with shared materials
  • Distributed in on-brand ‘players’
  • Grows a deep cultural understanding within the organisation of best practices
  • Submit nominations in a standardised online environment
  • Awards submissions, judging and archive of winners on a single platform
  • Aggregated comparison and analysis of nominations and utilisation

Our global clients know that with the recognition of great work comes the desire to replicate it. Showcase is simple and inexpensive to deploy within the DAM system, and produces motivating, high impact results. Showcase enables organisations to develop a rich cultural understanding of best practice, and measures the performance of regional and/or global creative work.