How to monitor the value of brand operations with reporting & analytics

Demonstrating the value of brand operations and brand assets to stakeholders is essential across any business. Reporting through a brand asset management system can provide brand teams with statistics on any projects and campaigns. With analytics, professionals can monitor the usage of the system as whole, identifying areas of success and weakness. This gives understanding into how the brand is being managed and how it is performing.

Analytics features

Numerous actions within a digital asset management system are recorded to provide insight into performance. Just a few of the features are listed below.

  • User visits - See when users visit the system, how often, for how long they stay there and what location they are in. Entry pages, exit pages as well as the device used to visit the system can be monitored to best target audiences in the future.
  • Pageviews - Gain insight into which pages are most visited, giving teams the opportunity to build other content around this.
  • Asset downloads - See which assets are downloaded the most within a certain time-frame, highlighting the success of guideline and asset launches.
  • Asset uploads - See an overview of how each business area is utilising the system by how many asset uploads are administered.

Adgistics utilise the powerful platform Piwik to enhance the analytics experience.

Reporting features

Effective task management software allows users to oversee and achieve project efficiency. In addition to this, reporting features allow teams to monitor brand operations, which can then be fed back to stakeholders, highlighting the return on investment.

  • Projects - Find out the status of projects within a certain time frame, with option of including other details like project owner, assigned agencies and departments.
  • Tasks - Export an overview of how many tasks have been started and completed within a certain date range.
  • Approvals - See how many approvals have been administered within a specific time frame, allowing admins to see the performance of brand operations.