How can Artwork Automation solve major marketing conundrums for global brands?

It often takes the creative team a few weeks or months to produce numerous point-of-sale materials for promotional campaigns. This is a big challenge faced by many global businesses: how to retain control of the brand? How to ensure that the brands image and message reflects the core strategy across all markets? How to fully utilise a brand asset management system to flexibly adapt to local market requirements?

The Brand Centre® solution is a secure and central repository of branded materials; anything that needs to be shared among locations can be stored in the Brand Centre and easily accessed both internally and by agency and design partners worldwide.

The capabilities of our Artwork Automation module allows users to search online for the correct template design, customise the images and copy, choose from different language options and forward the digital file to the appropriate printing facility. Users create POS material, which is on-brand, consistent and correct in a matter of minutes.

Our Brand Asset Management system is used by several large-scale global brands to ease their processes and make their workflows more efficient and effective. The Brand Centre solution also educates users about the brand identity, tone–of-voice, character and look and feel of the brand.

An essential strategy goal for local, national or global brands is to make sure users can easily access brand assets, customise templates and can create on-brand material quickly. The end goal is to ensure consumers receive a consistent and connected brand message, wherever they are. Our Brand Centre ensures that the brand gains a competitive edge in the market.