Brand Asset Management case study: Uniting a family of global brands through a powerful brand management technology solution

Pentland owns several international brands such as Berghaus, Speedo, Mitre and Hunter. Managing such a global family of brands where each brand is bigger than the next Pentland requires a highly intuitive brand management platform to ease the process of brand management, enable sharing of materials and generate a detailed ROI on brand and marketing activities.

To support this vision Pentland implemented the Brand Centre® solution as their official Brand Asset Management solution. An efficient roll out of the Brand Asset Management platform enabled their 2000+ employees, across 15 locations to access a user-friendly, intuitive, fully on-brand system to share brand materials, campaigns and roll out best practice across their global brands.

With an aim to increase brand engagement with consumers across various cultural influences, the BAM platform was implemented to share thousands of brand assets instantly with internal teams, agency partners and freelancers. With various business functions having access to their refreshed corporate design identity and guidelines, they achieved a high level of cohesion across their diverse range of brand materials.

The look, feel and tone of voice were fully incorporated into the Brand Centre to build trust and give users an immersive experience. Utilising an adaptable CMS system, they were able to refine and clarify their new brand direction via logos, icons and multimedia assets.

Brand Asset Management case study

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