Strengthen and amplify your brand properties to build an iconic brand for the future

Iconic brands are instantly recognisable but it can take decades to build a global brand identity. In their 8th global survey, brandgym focused on the how recognisable and distinctive brand properties such as colour, slogan, logos, symbols etc. can be in growing brand value. Vital brand assets such as the logo, plays a crucial part in building brand recognition and credibility in emerging markets. 83% stated that brand properties were extremely important in creating strong brand relationships.

These indistinguishable brand assets become ‘iconic assets’ when consumers unconsciously become super-familiar with the brand. This gives the brand a greater chance of building a connection and driving powerful brand messages. There are a number of brand properties that are important in building an iconic brand and its usage is outlined below:

This is the world’s first global study on brand properties and it offers an insight into how businesses can amply the brand identity. Furthermore it allows marketers to explore different avenues in strengthening the brand in emerging markets.