Suggested steps to ensure a more effective Brand Asset Management solution launch

During development of your Brand Asset Management solution, a vital success factor is to involve key stakeholders in the scoping and technical discussions. Key stakeholders are key team members, agency partners, suppliers and other company divisions such as Procurement, Sales and HR. Ideally these should be individuals that will be highly involved and invested in the solution within the organisation. Giving these key stakeholders access to the development site could be classed as a pre-launch.

Pre-launch the Brand Asset Management solution to key stakeholders first

A pre-launch provides a platform for initial feedback, suggestions and testing, as well as confirming whether the requirements gathering process was successful.

A major advantage to a pre-launch is that those key stakeholders driving the project, will be able to familiarise and interact with the system immediately, becoming fully comfortable with the solution, its functionalities and features.

Great communication and feedback loops

A good and continuous feedback loop between vendor and client, offers an excellent chance to gauge overall opinion of the development progress. Tweaks such as navigation, keywording and perhaps the odd fine-tuning around user registration or other processes.

Feedback loops present opportunities to address any changes required and since it involves a limited audience, the turnaround time is quicker ensuring good user-experience.

Brand Asset Management solution adoption

During the pre-launch and feedback stage, the Brand Asset Management solution has a limited audience, as releasing it to everyone could be premature.

Ensure that prior to launching the system in full that it has been rigorously tried and tested to ensure that everything is as expected and that all functionalities, content and designs are correct.

If a brand launches their Brand Asset Management solution prematurely and mistakes or flaws are noticed, it gives users a bad first impression and undermines their faith in the system. Even if a period of refinement occurs soon afterwards, the damage has been done and some users have already made up their mind about the system due to that missed detail.

Users are normally keen to adopt new systems however in order for them to fully adapt and integrate the Brand Asset Management solution into their everyday workflow, their first interaction with the system must be a positive one.

Careful planning helps avoid unwanted surprises

At each of these stages there should be less and less surprises. Fewer surprises should result in a higher level of uptake and adaption upon launch. A carefully planned strategy has been implemented so each phase should run smoothly resulting in a highly successful launch of your Brand Asset Management solution.