Digital Asset Management case study: How Ford utilises their Brand Centre® solution

Businesses require a system that will ease their communications, enable further cost efficiency and handle all aspects of the marketing supply chain. We have collaborated with many global brands which seek to keep localised communication material on-brand and consistent within national advertising guidelines.

This month’s Digital Asset Management case study outlines the functionality of the Ford Brand Centre solution and how it can publish customised marketing collateral such as gift vouchers and press ads on the fly.

This flexible solution allows Ford to dynamically personalise on-brand templates and key elements effectively ensuring that the brand is always correctly represented. Ford utilises the Brand Centre, a Digital Asset Management solution, which ensures that their 800+ dealerships in the UK are constantly producing collateral that is on-brand, has the correct tone of voice and encompasses the brands’ look and feel.

Read our Digital Asset Management case study and find out how Ford stakeholders can produce over 1,000 customised on-brand collateral each month.