Marketing teams can leverage Digital Asset Management software to profitably deliver a brand portfolio

The digital age is challenging how the various silos within Marketing can deliver a consistent brand experience. Increasingly, marketing technologies such as Digital Asset Management software have been implemented to address this obstacle.

Since silos are not only defined by the products, but markets and countries, the repository of brand assets across those silos will exponentially grow with the size of the market. With that comes a hefty challenge of managing and curating a easy to use library of brand assets to administer global brand compliance. Teams require quick and easy access to approved assets and allow users to share brand knowledge instantly. Producing on-brand collateral and campaigns that capture the brand’s tone of voice can be governed and administered though dynamic Digital Asset Management software. A brand asset can end up being deployed across various digital channels i.e. print, web or video, so delivering it in the correct size, colour and specifications is crucial to maintaining global brand consistency.

Repurposing assets into various formats as and when needed can be facilitated intuitively with design management tools that ensure users can position artwork within rules-based customised templates. Digital Asset Management software can unite users in not just sharing the brand assets accurately but ensuring any business communication is consistently represented on-brand.

Utilising intelligent collaborative tools to approve, review and manage brand assets will help users to not end up with conflicted versions of the same brand asset. Incorporating a simple, easy to navigate user interface will guarantee that users won’t struggle with using the Digital Asset Management software and your marketing collateral is constantly executed on-brand.