Brands are taking advantage of evolving technologies to meet the challenging economic climate. MAM software can help address and streamline processes for workflows and collaboration, grant full oversight and set-up better monitoring measurements.

In a previous blog we asked you - what are perceived challenges to marketing technology implementation - a key take away point there was user adoption. MAM software solutions have to support the users effortlessly in every activity. Streamlining the steps required to mange the budget for a campaign or a specific project, sharing new assets with other markets or downloading high-res assets, can have profound results on how users engage with the Marketing Asset Management system.

Once a business has committed to a marketing technology software solution, plenty of resources are allocated towards the implementation with the aim to ensure positive uptake. However the first step to a successful Marketing Asset Management solution is preparation and proper planning – fail to plan, plan to fail!

A good way to ensure success is to identify and train various users of the solution often called “Power-users or Champions”. Power-users/Champions will have a higher level of access and approval authority within the system. These will be the key drivers of your solution.

These power-users/champions will have different roles within different parts of the marketing asset management solution; however they will all have in-depth understanding and a good overview of the system and with their specialised expertise and key responsibilities, they will be fully confident in championing the MAM software solution technology within the organisation.