Marketing Asset Management systems, an enterprise-class solution for cross-functional organisations

Marketing is a fundamental driver of technology and software purchasing within an organisation, a trend that shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, Gartner analyst Laura McLellan predicted that by 2017, CMO’s will spend more on software than CIO's. Marketing Asset Management systems, especially those that offer Artwork Automation, have skyrocketed in popularity and adoption, mainly because they enable marketing and brand teams to work quickly and efficiently within the brand parameters without having to spend budgets on creatives, designers or wait for approval on changes.

Marketing Asset Management systems are mission-critical to achieving goals and objectives, these systems however, are no longer thought of as departmental or stand-alone. These are solutions for the entire organisation.

CMOs and CIOs need to start building a true, strategic partnerships, so both marketing and IT can begin sharing ownership of aims and outcomes from implementing a Marketing Asset Management system. After all, the business landscape has shifted, and it’s no longer marketing that drives growth – it’s digital marketing. CMOs and CIOs alike must appreciate that technology and marketing are now inextricably linked, and that future success depends on a totally new kind of a cross-functional organisation.

Marketing Asset Management systems are an enterprise-class solution that have direct impact on top-line revenue. One of the key considerations in purchasing Marketing Asset Management systems and Artwork Automation tools should be how well it integrates with other systems utilised within the organisation as well as the ability to extract revenue analytics, which drive the business as a whole.