Which brand is the most powerful brand in the world?

Lego is now the most powerful brand in the world.

The global study by Brand Finance analyses hundreds of global brands through their Brand Strength Index. The analysis outline that Lego is the most powerful brand globally due to scoring greatly on various measurements within the Brand Strength Index such as business reputation, employee satisfaction and loyalty. The global success of The Lego Movie helped the brand propel to take the top spot and create deeper brand relationships with consumers. Lego is a very unique brand as consumers of all ages can create their own worlds with their product offerings. In a world where technology brands seem to be a part of our daily lives, consumers have a strong nostalgic brand connection.

The movie perfectly captured the cross-generation appeal of the brand and ensured it climbed above more prestigious brands such as Ferrari, Nike and Rolex. Ferrari is still in a strong position as a brand but as in line with previous years where they had a strict cap on production to maintain brand exclusivity, this cap policy is more relaxed now and the brand has dropped down the charts.

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