Delivering and optimising a global digital asset management system

Digitising brand assets and bringing them to life in the digital world can be daunting challenge. As the number of campaigns, communications, digital assets and artwork grows, the database needed to manage has to move beyond simple storage and retrieval. Common practices and requirements arise to assess the performances of a DAM system from brand and marketing professionals:

  • We need to track rights and permissions of content
  • We have to deliver digital assets to our users in a simple, easy to use manner
  • How can our production team re-use assets while maintaining brand consistency?

Optimising a digital asset management system

Where the real value of Digital Asset Management system starts to become more tangible is when you recognise that the DAM technology is a small part of the operational puzzle.

The people, workflow processes and policies that govern how the brand is to be portrayed, plays a big part in setting up the DAM strategy. The internal stakeholders need to identify which categories of assets they made want available on the DAM system. The range of file types from flash animations, Illustrator artwork, presentations etc. can all be enhanced in central DAM portal. The operational benefits a DAM system is:

  • Digital assets can be effortlessly be communicated between divisions
  • With a collaborative and functional DAM portal, you will reduce storage costs
  • Accurate file versioning practices as no longer have versions of the same file in various silos

A beneficial step in optimising the DAM system is to ensure that all image, photos and videos have a preview thumbnail generated automatically, making search quicker and efficient. A business might have thousands of images and videos, so they need an improved ability to execute full brand control.

It is impossible to control how an ad is or how the brand is perceived in an advertising block without direct reach. Utilising a digital asset management system ensures all parties that are involved in branding, marketing, communications and other divisions efficiently acquire brand knowledge and have access to marketing material at their convenience.