The importance of technology in building global brand awareness and loyal consumer relationships

A unique brand will build brand awareness and establish a key market position more effectively since consumers have a memorable and emotional connection with the product or service. With the emergence of marketing software technologies, businesses can have a holistic overview of the brand across local markets and its global footprint.

Significant investment in emerging technologies is helping Brand Managers oversee the process of global brand management. Consumers are more equipped as the rise of mobile technology and the tools to communicate about a brand increase and the time it takes for consumers to have a say on your branding, greatly narrows. Businesses are getting more involved in two way conversations through social media platforms to connect and build a loyal brand relationship. Implementing a collaborative online digital asset management system aids branding professionals in building a strong reputation in their target market.

They want to create innovative brand campaigns and experiences to enhance consumers’ lives. One study suggests that between the time we woke up and arrive at work, we have encounter over 200 brands. Therefore a clear brand message needs to be conveyed across all digital touchpoints.

Brand awareness is the first step in building a community of brand champions. If your social profiles, websites, blogs etc. are not conveying the same unified brand message, the brand starts to become less recognisable and fade out of the consumer’s mind. A DAM system is an essential tool in building an instant recognisable brand. Brand awareness can be one of businesses’ greatest assets.