Marketing Asset Management case study: How does Salomon establish global brand consistency across its markets

Companies understand the importance and the indispensability of marketing technologies such as user-friendly MAM solutions. In order to successfully control and administer brand assets in a cost efficient matter, a marketing asset management solution is necessary.

Marketing Asset Management Case Study

Our Marketing Asset Management case study, based on one of the world’s largest outdoor sportswear manufacturers, Salomon, outlines how Salomon enables all its stakeholders to easily access and utilise their 20,000+ brand assets stored in their marketing asset management system, the Brand Centre®. The MAM solution matches Salomon’s brand design and visual guidelines to further ensure widespread system adoption, familiarity and understanding.

Salomon’s dynamic MAM solution allows their world-wide teams to produce localised fully approved content in a traceable manner in a matter of minutes.

Read our marketing asset management case study to get further insight as to how Salomon leverages their Brand Centre solution.