The Role of the Brand in Global Thinking & Local Action presented by Adgistics Chairman, James Waite


The event included a rich display of publications created through Cousin’s high-end production and fulfilment service, and the Adgistics presentation formed a perfect springboard for a wide-ranging discussion that touched on all the major areas of the Brand Supply Chain, extending from strategy, through activation and delivery, to measurement and valuation. While on the one hand showcasing beautifully designed and constructed objects, the event also spent time examining the growing impact of digital marketing on a new generation of consumers, with numerous examples from agencies and clients alike. These built a vivid picture of a burgeoning field, where originality and innovation are actively sought and encouraged by brands with venerable traditions of engagement. The contributors suggested a number of ways to to address new audiences in distinctive, culturally relevant ways while considering tools to grow, measure and safeguard brand value.