Can't find that file? Marketing asset management software makes creating and locating assets easier!

With compliance and brand approvals becoming more important than ever, versions can get lost in emails or in folders, making finding a file a task in itself. Marketing asset management software streamlines the creation of communications and files, as well as the organisation once they are completed. We've all had that frustrating ten minutes of finding a file and realising there are numerous versions, a few from colleagues and a few others just named draft or final. Sifting through desktop files and emails to find the most recent can prove time-consuming and uses up company storage quickly.

When it comes to brand and advertising assets, usage details are essential in ensuring that creatives are not used in an incorrect medium or past their intended expiry date. If files are stored on a local machine, usage details can often be misplaced, meaning an unapproved file can be communicated, damaging the brand reputation.

How does marketing asset management software streamline the versioning process?

Creating materials

Artwork automation software improves the process for brand professionals and designers, allowing them to create assets in minutes. Templates can be pre-defined with all the core branded assets meaning users can quickly update them with content, while still being on brand. Once approved through the system, the file can be printed or stored on the Brand Centre®, removing the need to store files locally.

Approving and reviewing

Getting colleagues feedback on work can end in comments becoming confusing at the best of times. Having a central platform in which the whole team can annotate and comment in real-time cuts down on the time spent trawling through documents. An intelligent annotator gives users the opportunity to add arrows, circles and other drawings to highlight changes, creating a more visual experience.

Efficient digital asset management system

Once files are approved, they can be promoted to a secure DAM system. This means other users can start utilising them and learning about best practice through them. User-friendly search features, along with effective keywording means files can be located quickly. Usage details are attached to each asset, meaning they should be used in accordance to what was first approved.