Integrate print services with a DAM system for an end to end creative workflow

Marketing teams must consider the entire workflow of a campaign or asset and the connection between each process, from design, approvals to print services. Connecting each element with teams and the technology behind it can be challenging for brands. Often it will require numerous programmes and suppliers, leading to delays and additional costs. Brands should ensure marketing collateral is customised towards their target market through different mediums. Optimising materials for each channel can mean involving designers, ultimately adding to costs. Using tools such as artwork automation allows teams to quickly edit templates to leverage across multiple channels and create ROI.

The digital landscape has grown at an astounding rate, meaning brands can target and engage with people on a larger scale. While the print world may have changed significantly in the last 20 years, brands should still consider the opportunities it can create to promote, engage and inform the public.

How can print services integrate with a DAM system?

1. Print fulfilment

Finding the most cost effective solution for print work is essential, although it often requires time and effort to find the right supplier. With print fulfillment, users can create or solicit a roster of suitable suppliers, sending an asset from the Brand Centre® straight to bid. The commissioning of jobs is fast and flexible, providing teams the best quality and value. The tool allows teams to quality score suppliers, influencing the future ranking of bids.  

2. Web to print

Marketing teams can easily edit templates within minutes, removing the need for expensive designers. Dynamic fields give users the flexibility to add content, while maximising control over core brand elements. Assets can then be published to the brand site or sent to print, while ensuring brand consistency throughout.

3. Production services

Although technology can enhance many processes, there is still a need for human attention for certain tasks. Our production services team offer a wide range of services to enhance the end to end creative workflow. Print services include designing, retouching, artworking, and versioning. Check and send services provide the option for Brand Centre assets such as ads to be checked by the team, ready to distribute to publications.

With over 100 years in the print industry between them, their expertise mean they can source the best work. Whether it be business cards, banner stands, podium counters, they are on hand to support any print services.