Is a Brand Centre solution the missing ingredient to your Marketing Mix?

This involves analysis of resources and budget allocations connected to all aspects of the marketing mix.

The planning process involves several groups of people deciding which marketing communication channels and campaigns will enhance the brand and showcase their product offerings effectively. Streamlining activities and therefore eliminating inefficiencies across local markets is also a major priority within the planning phase. At this point the procurement for a Brand Asset Management solution could be pivotal in the marketing mix. The project implementation requires the business to evaluate the solution in many situations and how it would play out across different scenarios.

For this post lets focus on the 4 Ps (Product, Price, Promotion and Place) and how fundamental a Brand Centre® solution can be to the marketing mix:

  • Product: A Brand Centre solution helps to facilitate the collaboration between design, creative team and marketing to generate collateral that is up-to-date, consistently on-brand and presents a unified brand message
  • Price: Sales and marketing play a strategic key role in the business. The sales division requires accurate pricing breakdown at a moment’s notice. But if the price changes, all the relative assets and files must be updated and shared. Passing such sensitive information over email attachments or a shared network folder is not best practice. Send a secure link with time and date restrictions to control sharing of sensitive information
  • Promotion: One channel that provides the biggest brand reach is social media. The real time and instantaneous engagement between consumers and brands portrays the key brand messaging on a daily basis. Recognise the engagement consumers have with your brand and build a thriving community
  • Place: Your brand asset restrictions will vary between countries, languages, demographics etc. Your local marketing teams will adapt, re-purpose and customise collateral for their local requirements. These newly formed brand assets can be tagged within the Brand Centre with key metadata information. This allows you to set permissions and specify usage so that everyone is aware of what they can and cannot utilise within their regions.

Some of these scenarios you may be familiar with. We have been implementing enterprise BAM solutions for revolutionary brands for over 15 years now. A Brand Centre solution can deliver the key business fundamentals required and evolve with your brand.