Enterprise brand management technology can solve day-to-day marketing challenges

Brand managers are on the lookout for an easy to use enterprise brand management technology that enhance their current workflow process. There are many facets to a company’s brand when it comes to building a ‘global’ presence. Powerful and user-friendly enterprise brand management technology can share creative resources with coworkers effortlessly and ensure they download the correct file re-sized appropriately for their project.

There are more ways to distribute and showcase the brand image as global businesses will have a large web presence and leave a global footprint to actively engage with their consumers, wherever they are.

Incorporating an intuitive site search functionality and keyword features make it a breeze to share a collection of resources or find what you’re looking for quickly. Intelligent modules can enhance the Brand Centre® solution such as being able to share a collection of resources with an outside contact without giving them access to the whole Brand Centre.

Users can set an expiry date to the automatically generated link, so they can regain control throughout the entire process. Our brand management solutions can handle large digital assets and is robust enough to allow many different uses such as budgeting, workflow and approval, project management and digital asset management.

Your brand sets you apart from your competitors and directly influences the consumer’s buying decision process. So keeping all your markets up to date ensures businesses are driving their brand message consistently over social media, blogs, tradeshows, print media and many more channels. Our enterprise brand management technology combines the power of technology with a deep understanding of how brand assets can bring increased returns across the business.