Artwork Automation supports brands to improve costs and increase efficiency

Ever considered the effects that Artwork Automation can have on your brand, your workflows and the efficiency of your team? Traditionally a template is designed by an agency and it gets approved and signed off. Then a charge is placed on each template made as when you need and require them. If you need to change the layout for example, you have to modify the template and this can add on extra unnecessary repetitive costs.

Artwork automation is the ideal support tool for a brand

Artwork Automation allows you to:

  • Focus on creating campaign collateral that enhances brand value & consistency
  • Work in a secure and easily accessible environment
  • Simplify administrative processes that enable correct usage of brand material
  • Easily track usage and behaviour
  • Create artwork with precision and quality in seconds
  • Offer simple to change products to suit market and availability
  • Drive down adaptation costs from agencies and reduce time to market
  • Dispatch artwork to print suppliers as fully print ready PDFs

This means that your designers no longer have to work on adjusting small parameters and are able to focus on more relevant and challenging design issues.

Artwork Automation gives the ability for designers to go back to doing what they do best, namely what they are employed for whilst also offering a solution that streamlines their designing process; reducing development time and ensuring on-brand consistency.

4 Key benefits of Artwork Automation:

  • Time – cut down production time and allow the option to focus resources and attention elsewhere, a great ROI.
  • Money – massively reduce your template overheads.
  • Web-based – flexibility to access templates and begin work on artwork through a hosted cloud based solution.
  • Resources – focus the right people’s attention and time on key projects related to their role.

What we've learnt along the way is:

To be well prepared, document and categories all processes and assets, utilise storage backup tools and make sure that all your material is highly secure, this will generate a much smoother transition.

Adding the automated process needs to be managed carefully. Get the balance right and you can guarantee that every campaign, POS or advert adheres to the brand guidelines and ensures consistency.