Brand crisis management: How to maintain a consistent tone of voice

During an organisation’s lifecycle, it is inevitable that at some point they will face reputational damage, especially now in a growing digital World. Brand crisis management is essential in ensuring that the crisis is averted quickly to minimise the effect on business. Communicating with customers with clarity and transparency as quickly as possible, can help to ease the issue and make people feel like everything is under control while maintaining loyalty and trust.

Organisations must utilise brand management tools to assist in a crisis, allowing them to efficiently handle the situation. Intelligent media asset management software can help to strengthen a brand crisis management process, providing the functionality to quickly update communications consistently.

Artwork automation software provides the tools for brand managers to easily update existing templates, populated with the correct brand elements. With a template readily available and already approved for distribution, it could just be a few words or image that need to be updated ready for print.

Any issues that affect customers have the threat of causing damage to a company’s reputation. This could be something as small as a facility being out of order at a public place or more significant like a train service being cancelled. Communication managers and brand professionals have the opportunity to accurately create collateral like signage and posters in the event of any issue to quickly relieve the problem.

With logos, colour palettes and other core brand elements fixed on a template, the communication is consistently on brand. Other headlines and texts can be configured to ensure the tone of voice is kept on brand and all materials adhere to guidelines. Implemented through a Brand Centre solution, people across the World have instant access to artwork automation software, ensuring global consistency while providing flexibility.

At Adgistics, our marketing asset management specialists work with global clients to configure materials that users can intuitively find, update and approve. This increases efficiency and cuts down wasted time and money on production.