Brand Guidelines: To Protect The Strength Of Your Brand

Brand Guidelines also commonly referred to as “brand standards” it is  essentially a manual that sets out the fundamental rules in how the business principles, ethos, colour palette, logo, typography, imagery and photography should be represented across all touch-points.

In other words, it is a guide for your employees, channel partners, designers and marketing agencies who uses your brand and its components within their work. The world’s top brands are easily recognisable for example Apple, Coca Cola. Ever wondered why we recognized these brands so easily? This is because they have carefully created brand guidelines for their brand identity that are consistently followed. These brands have become memorable in our eyes due to their consistency in their use of fonts, colors, visual feel and voice. Therefore, in order to make a memorable impact in this loud world; all elements of a brand identity and guidelines must be followed and be consistent.

Brand-guided companies reinforce their brand values and ensures that they are understood throughout the entire organization, research conducted by a leading global management consulting firm (Booz & Company) reveal that brand-guided companies significantly outperform their rivals, with results that improve profitability.

Our Brand Centre® solution will

  1. Give you the opportunity to educate your brand guidelines to your entire workforce;
  2. Templates can be configured to include core brand materials.
  3. Artwork automation software, will enable the customisation of templates for print, digital and video communication.

Our Brand Centre will allow designers and brand professionals to create communications instantly adhering the brand guidelines at all times.