The key to a successful Digital Asset Management (DAM) implementation is ease of system adoption

Digital Asset Management (DAM) system success rate is based on how easily the team engages with the system and how engrossed the system is in all business and brand activities. No one wants to implement a DAM solution only to have it out-dated shortly after implementation. Focus areas to keep in mind are:

  • Scoping
  • Demos
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Collaboration and engagement
  • Training

Prior to implementing a DAM system, it is vital to identify potential barriers to system adoption, such as training, old procedures or previous systems. This needs to be considered and included in the process; everyone needs to be comfortable with the DAM system and the solution it brings.

3 core principles to focus on during Digital Asset Management development:

  1. Inclusive Scoping Exercise: Involve the relevant key stakeholders in the scoping process from the beginning, even before writing one line of code. By including the team early in the development, you ensure smoother adoption and increase confidence.
  2. User Acceptance Testing: Enable your key stakeholder to conduct User Acceptance Testing (UAT). The magic of UAT is that the users are engaged and using the DAM system as part of their training. Then users are fully involved in the development process and tend to feel an ownership towards the system as well as gaining confidence.
  3. Migration Plan: If a business division has an older system or “a way of doing things”; we would suggest running that parallel to the new Digital Asset Management system during the development phase. Also, develop a solid migration plan to ensure that all brand assets will be on the new system. Make sure the migration of systems is gradually phased in, do not force a rigid adoption plan on the user, that will feel restricting and discouraging.

These principles’ are applicable prior to the launch. This is essential groundwork, which will influence the success rate of the DAM solution.

Post system development & launch

Once the Digital Asset Management system is launched, it is vital to have a cohesive training plan, one that will enable users to fully embrace the system,gain confidence, keep momentum and ensure high system adoption rates.

Ideally training should be done in person however if that is logistically challenging, remote training sessions can be conducted. All users should receive User Guides and Video Guides, to ensure 100% clarity on the workings of the system.

We also recommend a primary DAM contact person (Professional Services). This person will be devoted to supporting the team whenever needed offering full support for system bugs or question that may arise. This type of dedicated support further enforces longstanding engagement with the system.

If these principles are followed then we are confident that system adoption and the success rate of your Digital Asset Management solution will exceed expectations.

For any questions, suggestions or if you are interested in a demo then please don't hesitate to contact us.