How Brown Forman gets the most out of their Brand Asset Management solution

Managing and protecting a brand effectively is the most challenging part of a brand manager’s role with constant array of external factors trying to pierce your perfect brand bubble. It requires dedication and endless hard work which goes way beyond simply keeping an eye on communications material: it means preserving trademarks, managing development and activation processes, controlling costs and maximising the bottom line. This is all handled by international teams, located across markets and time zones and made possibly with a Brand Asset Management solution.

Brown Forman's Brand Asset Management solution –the Adgistics Brand Centre®. 

Brown Forman manage their arsenal of over 30 of the world's most iconic drink brandseffectively and successfully through the employment of a customised Brand Asset Management solutions - the Adgistics Brand Centre.

Through the Brand Centre they are able to construct, monitor, share and further develop their brands from anywhere in the world whether it be their Louisville, KY headquarters or their office in Sofia, Bulgaria or Bangkok, Thailand. They have direct access to all the materials they need to create, develop and localise their materials and concepts.

Brown Forman has 4 main focus areas for their Brand Centre, they are the following:

Control: Brand Forman believe that control is key which is why they turned to our system as it offers multiple layers of security! This means Brand managers have the opportunity to control what people can see and do based on the type of user they are!

Time: Our intelligent Brand Asset Management Solution helps Brand Forman in saving time and increasing productivity of their workforce with the use of our artwork automation feature that allows registered users to change certain elements of assets and send it to the brand team for approval.

User experience: Brand Forman brands all have a different brand design & for that reason our system is tailored and customised to each of Brand Forman’s brands ensuring that users feel the brand experience when they are on the site and when they jump from one brand to another.

Monitor: Social Media is a key part of Brown-Forman’s brand building efforts, our Brand Centre helps Brown Forman to easily share and monitor materials and usage across all regions on their social media.

We develop and configure our Brand Asset Management solutions to fit around the way Brown Forman do business and not the other way around! We deliver robust, intelligent solutions and services at an international, regional and local scale giving brand managers the world-over brand control, consistency and cost-efficiency.

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