Maintaining global brand consistency is everyone's responsibility, not just Marketing

In order to build and develop brand value brand consistency has to be a key commitment for all stakeholders involved, from customer services, to finance, manufacturing, upper management to the marketing department.

Everyone needs to be fully committed  to delivering a consistent and correct brand message. In the internet-driven 24/7 business cycle, the brand has broken out of the marketing department to establish a pre-eminent position at the heart of any successful organisation. With the understanding and commitment of every department that brand consistency is key in order for the brand to make an accountable contribution on the balance sheet.

In a national or a global brand environment, having clear visibility of marketing activities and controlling dissemination of communications ensures brand consistency. Choosing the correct technology partner to grow brand value is critical to the brands' success.

What tools support Brand Consistency?

What tools can best manage and support brand commitment within the organisation in order to optimise the impact it makes? Our Brand Asset Management system – the Brand Centre® - educates and illustrates through interactive guides best practices, improves efficiency and protects brand equity.

The system is a highly secure solution, which provides in-house teams, agencies and other brand partners with controlled access to assets. The Brand Centre can be optionally enhanced with several configurable and scalable services and software solutions.

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