Why should financial organisations use BAM systems?

One of the main challenges facing the financial services industry is their negative brand reputation with the public. Still not fully recovered from the financial crisis years ago, banks are often considered untrustworthy. Communicating brand values with clarity and consistency can be one way to build a positive reputation.

By utilising intelligent tools in BAM systems, companies have the opportunity to create communications that reflect the brand value and identity consistently. 

Throughout a brand asset management system, admins have the tools oversee approvals and projects to ensure everything is running as it should. With audit logs visible on asset approvals, as well as through campaign management, there is far more transparency and accountability across all processes.


A secure system is ensured through a number of tools such as SSO (single sign on) with internal users being taken straight through to BAM systems from their secure employee network. User groups can be configured to ensure only the right teams and agencies have access to certain materials.


Every brand team and designer dreads the compliance process, especially in a highly regulated financial industry. BAM systems provide effective rights management tools, to make compliance tasks simpler. On assets, usage rights can be applied by bulk as well as expiration dates to ensure materials are hidden after a certain date.

Brand Strength

Clear and easily accessible guidelines ensure designers and the business can communicate to consumers in the same style, ensuring a unified brand identity. A distinct message differentiates brands making them stronger and creating further value.

Marketing Communications

To stay one step ahead of the competition, financial organisations should ensure their brand assets reach the market as soon as possible. Features such as artwork automation allow marketing teams to create and approve materials quickly and intuitively while staying on brand.