The challenge

Ensuring the consistency of adidas marketing communications has been problematic, as the global leading sportswear manufacturer operates through a network of subsidiaries, distributorships and licensees.

The previous paper and people-centric process resulted in advertising inconsistency, cost inefficiency and non-compliance with copyright agreements (which is of particular importance given that much of adidas advertising includes celebrities with precise usage agreements).

The solution

Adgistics delivered a single destination for adidas authorised marketeers to view and order localised campaign material.

The adidas Brand Centre is built in compliance to the brands guidelines; fully following the look, feel and tone-of-voice of the adidas brand.

Web-based, simple to navigate and instantly accessible for authorised users. The intuitive navigation and user-friendly interface ensures multi-cultural usage, without any need for specialist training.

The results

  • Inefficiencies caused by incorrect advertisements and duplications across markets have been removed
  • Total annual cost savings are in excess of €2 million
  • Fulfilment is centralised over 50 markets yielding significant economies of scale
  • Coordination staff in central agencies have been reduced or reallocated