A Human Touch To Our Digital BrandHub

Posted Jun 05, 2021 by admin

A Human Touch To Our Digital BrandHub

The Adgistics BrandHub has many features that positively impact how a brand is brought to life in a company - one of the most underappreciated aspects is how we support our clients through our Customer Service Team. This team is made up from Help Desk and Account Management personnel, who consist of highly skilled and trained brand people, who support you at every step of the way. They ensure cost effective solutions for managing your brand assets and the experience to ensure major projects go off without a hitch.

For brands who want to provide support for their in-house teams and users, our professionals offer full support and assistance in answering all inquiries associated with your BrandHub. Whether you’re launching a new brand site or adding new features, you will be safe in the knowledge that expert assistance is only a call or email away.

The team can be used for specific parts of the BrandHub such as user management, asset uploads or provide support across the entire BrandHub dependent on a brand’s requirements and set-up.

customer services

The Customer Service Team supports your BrandHub with:

  • Content management of BrandHub site
  • User registration management
  • Customised site reporting
  • Notification management
  • On-boarding new BrandHub
  • On-going training
  • Asset upload, consolidation, audit, and CMS management

The Customer Service Team work with some of the most well-known global brands, ensuring they have the knowledge and experience to support you from day one of your BrandHub. They become an extension of your team, answering brand queries, and managing assets. From forgotten passwords to artwork approval and system analytics - no task is too big or too small.

Try us and see.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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